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PVC pipes, commonly used in plumbing and as electrical conduit, is a material sometimes used for weapon cores in Belegarth Weapon Construction. It is significantly heavier than fiberglass and kitespar and typically less durable, and thus is used much less often now than in the past. However, it is the only material which can be heated and reshaped, allowing for weapons such as scimitars, khukris, and khopeshes.

PVC pipe is commonly available in two wall-thicknesses, known as Schedule 40 and Schedule 80. Schedule 80 PVC is significantly thicker than schedule 40 of the same inner diameter, and is thus heavier and sturdier, as well as less likely to fail for flex. Schedule 80 PVC is also harder to find than schedule 40, but is commonly available as electrical conduit at Home Depot. Schedule 40 PVC is widely available at hardware stores. When cutting PVC, pipe cutters work extremely well when compared to other tools, like a hacksaw.

PVC is available in a wide range of sizes. The greater the diameter, the greater the weight and rigidity, so shorter weapons generally use skinnier pipe and vice versa. Weapons made with schedule 80 PVC can generally be made with pipe that is one "step" smaller than schedule 40. One handed weapons can generally use 1/2" pipe, while longer weapons require 3/4", 1", or greater.

PVC can also be used to make quick and cheap Belegarth-legal bows.

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