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Kitespar is a type or hollow fiberglass originally designed for use in kite framing (hence the name), which is often used in Belegarth Category:Weapons Construction for creating lightweight/ultralight weapons.

Several diameter sizes are popular: .505, .524 (same inner diameter as .505, which gives it thicker walls and less flex), and .602 for javelins (out to around 60". If it can be found, .625 works for longer javelins).

When looking for kitespar, you generally want "Filament Wound Epoxy Tubing," not "Pultruded."

Properties of pultruded structural shapes:
Lightweight - less density - 20% of steel; 70% of aluminum
High Strength - stronger than structural steel pound for pound
Superior dimensional stability - wide temperature range uses and thermal expansion values better than 50% of mild steel 35% of stainless steel and 25% of aluminum
Thermal insulation - high strength and insulating values
Corrosion resistance - harsh elements and environments
Consistent cross section
(as found on Tencom's website)

Sources of Kitespar

  • Goodwinds, the current generic source for kitespar

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