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Fiberglass usually refers to solid fiberglass rods, which are not pultruded or blended with carbon fiber (see kitespar). They can be round, rectangular, or square, and are commonly used in sizes ranging from 3/8" or 1/2" round rods (electric fenceposts) to 1/2"x3/4" rectangular bars (available from specialty suppliers).

A single 3/8" rod can be used up to a core length of 27-30", before it becomes likely to fail for flex (depending on construction). 1/2" rods are safe out to 48" or longer. 3/8" or thinner fiberglass rods can be bundled together to form a stiffer core, the origin of the term Double Core. A double core of 3/8" rods is stiff out to 48" or longer. 11/16" rods are commonly used for weapons greater than 48" long.

Fiberglass is now the most commonly used core material in Belegarth.

Sources of Fiberglass



  • Farm supply stores, as electric fence posts. Some farm supply stores known to carry fiberglass are Farm & Fleet, Fleet Farm, Farm & Tractor, Agway, and the Tractor Supply Company, the latter of which is the most geographically widespread.
  • Hardware stores, as driveway markers (many are too skinny) look in the signs section they usally come in red and yellow the red ones are slight more ridged and are good for making a dual core weapon

Prices for a single 3/8" rod can range from $0.75 to $1.50 or more.

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