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Me at Ragnarok XXII



Persona Name: Luink

Real Name: Peter Joseph Dufresne

Age: 19

Fighting since I was twelve, in June of 2003

Unit: The Kyulick Clan

Realm: Khatovar

Title Captain of Khatovar

Former Units/Factions: Formerly a petitioner of Black Company, Formerly of the Independant Khatovarians.

Events Attended: Midsummer Slaughter 06 Ragnarok XXII Wolfpack Opener 2008 Ragnarok XXIII Ragnarok XXIV

City/State of Residence: Salem, Ohio

Preferred fighting style: Sword and Board


I first noticed Belegarth (Not knowing what it was) while watching a friend's softball game at the local park about a month before I turned thirteen. My friends dared me to go up and see what everthing was all about, so I did. I was first introduced to Joshua the Maccabee (Now Dacian), and he showed me the basic rules. The next week, i forgot to attend, and my brother Victor (D.W.), and our friend Robert (B3A5T) discovered it and told me about it. We all ended up returning the following week where we began fighting. Not long after this, we all became petitioners of Black company under Joshua, and Zao as Brothers (And soon after, PJ (Exodus). About a year after joining, we brought one of our friends, Pete (Leviticus), who ended up joining as well. We ended up petitioning for a couple of years until some shady things happened with Black Company, and we split from them. Our leaders ended up pledging to the Brotherhood of the Falcon, and we were all trained under them. We eventually split from them as well. After a while, Zao and Exodus who had their own clan inside of the units they were in, The Kyulick Clan, started to accept people into it. Eventually, the main body of Salem (Ariel) joined the clan until one day we all decided upon making it into a unit. Some of the BOF members that we fought with also split from their unit and formed a new unit called Serenity. Bulvife of Serenity became the protectorate of Khatovar, and Dacian of The Kyulick Clan, and Kurtis of Serenity became the Captains.


The end of Khatovar's belegarth season 2007 is coming to an end. The reign of protectorates has ended, and Dacian is our new king. I, Luink, am a captain of Khatovar, and The Zao is the other captain and the official realm trainer. Faolan is our official weapons smith.

Other Interests

  • Golf
  • Riding Bike
  • Geography
  • Weight Lifting
  • College


  • E-Mail:
  • AIM: Kyulick Luink
  • Myspace: Kyulick Luink
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