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Dacian: Captain of Khatovar

Who is Dacian?

King of the Realm of Khatovar

Belongs to the Unit of The_Kyulick_Clan.

Started fighting in 1997. Took a break for awhile, came back in 2001.

Former names include: Joshua the Maccabee

Former Units/Factions: Formerly a Petitioner and Brother of the Black Company, Pledged to The Brotherhood of the Falcon, Co-Founder of the former Household of the Phoenix, member of the former Evolution, formerly of the Independant Khatovarians.

National Events: Spring Wars 2002, 2003; Octoberfest 2003, Ragnarok 18, 20, 23, 24 Midsummer Slaugter 1, Wolfpack Opener 2008

Real Name: Joshua Anderson

State of Residence: Ohio

Marital Status: Married to Alexis Anderson (aka: Andrah Hsia)

Story Time

Dacian is pretty much sweet. Way back in 1997, he was just a little squirt that came onto the local field and kicked a few asses. After awhile of doing that, mundane life stepped in for awhile. In 2001, though, Dacian came back to the almost nonexistant realm of Khatovar, and with the help of several others, got the realm rolling again. Since then, Khatovar is now known as "oh, you guys are those Ohio badasses" and we say, "yeah, I guess we are". Dacian has been involved with the realm in some way or another for years and has been the realm leader since 2007.

Stop by Khatovar camp at events and say hi, cause seriously, we're all pretty cool...or at least we think so.

Other Information

Primary Fighting Style: Shield and Flail

Secondary Fighting Style: Sword and Shield

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