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The Realm of Endrik is Eastern Illinois University's chapter of BMCS, and is located in Charleston, Illinois. It is open to students and community members in Coles County. It is currently one of the many dead realms of Charleston-Mattoon, and no longer hosts practices/events.

The Realm was founded in 2016 by Iulia "Desna" Ionescu, Tylor "Swan" Vannarath, Mike "Takus" Johnson, and Gavin "Albatrin" Peterson. The group died within 3 years of its formation, due largely to lack of community interest and support. If you are visiting this page because you live in Coles County and are interested in BMCS, please consider visiting Numenor in Champaign-Urbana, or Carthage in Carbondale.


Endrik's first fall practice of 2016

Events Hosted:

Bloodmyst Opener 2017

Contact Information:

Realm of Endrik (EIU Swordfighters) on Facebook



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