Armageddon XIX

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Armageddon XIX: Zombie Apocalypse

Please refer to the Facebook event for updated info:

June 3rd-7th, 2020

Camp Wokanda
620 Boy Scout Road
Chillicothe, Illinois 61523

$35 Pre-Registration
$40 at Troll arriving Wednesday
$40 at Troll arriving Thursday
$35 at Troll arriving Friday
$25 at Troll arriving Saturday
$20 at Troll for Day Trip (no feast, no camping)

Estimated Attendance: TBD

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator - X of Grayscale
Head Marshalls - Famm of House Karbide
Head of Night Life - Squire Karma of Dunharrow
Head of Security - Braizen of Frozen Nan Hybrasil
Head of Tournaments - Ton Berry - Just Ton Berry
Head of Troll - Reiner of Dunharrow
Head of Volunteers - Squire Mudd
Head of Weapons Check - Sir Thurat of Carthage
Head of Merchants- Ginsu Hac Tao of Blood Horde
Head of Assassin Games- Porkchop of House Karbide


Feast will be preregister only for both Friday and Saturday. This is to limit food waste as well as provide a better eating experience.
Menus To Be Announced


Friday: To Be Announced

8 PM - HORDE CASINO - Because you know we have the best games
Location: Feast Hall

Attendance by Unit


  • Blooded -
  • Ferals -
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