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Cyrano at Oktoberfest 2014
Cyrano at Oktoberfest 2019.

Name: Cyrano Long-Beak
Other Titles: Cyranose, Nose, Vitskirtr Hauknefr (by the Norse people)
Race: Tengu
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde - Awakened during the Year of Mayhem at Melcaorme Q
Other Affiliations: None

About: Cyrano started fighting during the recruitment boom of 2013 in Tir Asleen. He had a few names before settling on Cyrano (a famous duelist known for a hawkishly large nose). Much to the surprise and aw of the veterans of TA, Cyrano developed a new race complete with lore and garb by his first event (Oktoberfest 2013) and owned it.

Lore: Cyrano hails from the Hawkbeak tribe that resides on the Isle of Wind and Bone, which lies far to the west. Born of Ralee Strong-Song and Kamarie Loud-Screech, Cyrano was the youngest and smallest of three hatchlings. Since Cyrano was the third hatchling he was forced to labor for his people and did so for the first years of his life. For a time Cyrano lived in ignorance, believing that his servitude would truly aid the tribes well being. However as the years passed Cyrano had come to see the truth. Weakness and sloth rotted the tribe and it became apparent to him that the leaders of his people had no intention of restoring the tribe to its former strength. Instead they supported a culture of lavish luxury. It was only after a crushing defeat, in a skirmish with the Talons, did Cyrano realize that there was no salvation for his tribe. To be slaughtered by farmers was sickening and degrading, even for a slave. The tribe was weak and all those who remained upon in it were doomed to extinction.

Cyrano's fortunes changed when the Isle of Wind and Bone was visited by a strange dragon-prowed ship filled with bearded humans wielding snow-white steel weapons. Their leader was Sigurd Amundson. Sigurd traded furs and other goods to the Tengu and feasted with them. After Sigurd had learned enough of the Isle to satisfy his curiosity he began to make plans to leave. Plans that his hosts did not intend to see finished. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape the isle, Cyrano slipped away and warned Sigurd about the impending ambush. Sigurd had never intended to leave the Isle in peace. That night, with Cyrano among them, they attacked the Tengu with fire and steel. Vicious blows were dealt to the tribe. Cyrano was branded a traitor and, during the fray, met Rylee on the field of battle. A seething hatred flowed from both brothers. Rylee believed that this traitorous act was a disgrace the war-like tribe. Unfortunately his eyes were clouded by a life of sloth. To Cyrano, Rylee and the firstborn were the reason for the weakness of his tribe. The firstborn abused the lower classes while the sat, fat and lazy. As the two faced each other, they were no longer brothers. With spear, beak, and claw they fought. Cyrano knew Rylee had the upper hand but Cyrano's resolve never faltered. As they clashed Cyrano began to give ground, slowly at first, but soon it seemed as though he was all but defeated. Summoning up the last reserves of strength he had left, Cyrano swung downwards with the wooden shaft of his spear, aiming to shatter Rylee's skull. Rylee was well trained and saw the attack coming and so raised his arm to block the attack. Mid-blow, Cyrano lunged at Rylee. Caught off guard, his elder brother could do nothing as Cyrano plunged his beak into his chest, tearing his heart out. As his vision began to fade, the last thing Rylee saw was his heart, clenched between Cyrano's jaws. Cyrano watched his brother crumple to the ground, he realized what he had become a warrior and a member of the first caste. The battle was quick as Sigurd's crew cut the Tengu down with more advanced weapons, better organization and raw strength. In the end the had only their own weakness to blame. Sigurd bid farewell to Cyrano and set sail immediately.

In the aftermath of the battle Cyrano claimed his rightful place in the tribe. However, he soon realized his tribesmen were weak and lazy, forcing slaves to accomplish even the most simple of tasks. It was upon this realization that Cyrano decided to follow in Pel Sharpbeak's footsteps and take charge of his life and the world around him. He left his home and wandered the isle in search of adventure and strength.

Weapons of Choice: Sword and board
Fighting since: Fall 2013

Events Attended

  • Oktoberfest 2013
  • Melcaorme XIII
  • Armageddon 2014
  • Oktoberfest 2014
  • Spring Wars 2015
  • Melcaorme Q
  • Armageddon 2015
  • Chaos Wars XVIIII
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