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Argun at Armageddon 2013

Full Name: Argun Barkûn

Other Titles:

  • Master of Coin of Tir Asleen (2015-2016)
  • called the Mole
  • Official TA Timekeeper
  • Wielder of the Shovel of Bodies

Race: Dwarf

Realms: Tir Asleen, Barter Town

Unit: None

Other Affiliations:

Favorite Weapons: Ax and Board, Florentine, Glaive


Argun was born into Clan Barkûn, one of the foremost smithing clans in the dwarven fortress of Narag’abad (the Black Mountain). Like most of the young dwarves of his clan he wanted nothing more than to spend his life forging beautiful and deadly axes to help defend the mighty fortress from their many enemies. And so it was that he lived for many years as little more than a smith in the forge, happily banging away for hours and hours making axes and other weapons he thought he would never use.

The axes Argun and his clan made went to good use. For many years the dwarves had been fighting the local elves over control of a massive stretch of woodlands not far from the mountains. The dwarves needed the wood for their fires, since the mountain had long ago been stripped of the coal the dwarves preferred to use. However the elves, as is typical of their race, opposed the dwarves for no better reason then the woods were beautiful. This lead to many bloody fights, and many dead on both sides. This feud, perpetuated by the elves long lives and the dwarves even longer grudges, had gone on for centuries until finally both the dwarves and the elves were ready to give up the fight and talk about peace.

So in the spirit of peace, the dwarves allowed a small group of twenty elves into their fortress to discuss a truce, and maybe a peace settlement. However unknown to the dwarves, several of the elven delegation were really drow in disguise. The drow, who were currently fighting both the elves and dwarves, didn’t want to see peace among their enemies. They feared, rather irrationally, that the dwarves and elves would team up against them if they were no longer fighting each other. The drow, disguised by magic, had taken the places of some of the elven delegation to gain entry into the fortress and sabotage the negotiations. The plan worked, and neither dwarf nor elf they weren’t elves.

That night, as soon as the dwarven guards were getting sleepy, the drow struck. They killed the dwarven guards first, then killed the elves in the party using the gaurds' weapons. They made their way through the fortress silent as shadows to the back gate, which opened to a massive underground tunnel network where the dwarves did much of their mining. As they went they used elven bows to quietly slay watchers or strays, always careful not to set off any alarms. They had almost made it to the gates when a group of guards stumbled upon the trail of dead they had left behind and raised the alarm. The dwarves sounded the alarm and their warriors, roused and ready for battle, made for the gates. However when they reached them they were too late, the drow had already opened the gates, and smashed the massive machinery that would allow the dwarves to close them.

The drow were not alone. Waiting outside the gates had been an army of Kobolds, the worst enemies of the dwarves, and close allies of the drow. As soon as their drow allies opened the gates, the kobolds stormed in. The small group of dwarven guards who had been sent to stop the drow were quickly overrun, and before long the kobold were rampaging through the fortress. Argun, along with every other dwarf in the fortress, rushed to its defense. The fighting lasted for several days. It was bloody and passionate, for the dwarves were fighting for their home, and the kobolds were mad with their desire to kill of their most hated enemy. By the end of the fighting more than half the dwarves in the fortress, and at least 2/3 of the invading kobolds were dead. However that was still just the beginning. While the fighting had raged inside the fortress one of the drow had managed to slip away. She had run back to the elves, and told them that the dwarves had murdered the delegation in their sleep. The elves had rallied to this, and had marched to the dwarven fortress. They arrived just as the dwarves drove the last few kobolds from their fortress and collapsed the tunnel to crush any plans of their return.

The Banner of Clan Barkûn

So as soon as the kobold threat was extinguished, the elven one lit the fires again. The siege lasted for several months, however they lacked siege engines powerful enough to take down the dwarves' mountain walls. So instead they constricted the fortress, blocked the mountain passes and kept the local humans form bringing supplies to the dwarves. Finaly, running out of food and getting desperate, the dwarves tunneled out from under the fortress and attacked the elves form the rear, trapping them against the walls they were trying to take.

With the elves beaten and driven away, the dwarves were finally able to figure out what was going on. They discovered the bodies of several of the drow, who in their death no longer looked like elves, among the dead. This realization kindled rage in the dwarves' hearts, and it wasn’t long before the dwarves had set out to take revenge on the drow. The army that marched out from the Black Mountain was small, and tired, but also made up of all battle hardened warriors. Argun marched along with them, for he was filled with rage at what the drow had done. His forge had been destroyed in the chaos of battle, and many of his kin were now one with the stone.

When the dwarves neared the drow forest stronghold they were met by an army of elves. It turned out that after the siege broke, the drow woman who had told the elves that their delegation was killed had been caught trying to sneak away from the city. Under interrogation it had come to light she was a drow, and the elves had found out what she and he allies had done. So it was that the drows worst fear came true, and the dwarves and elves united against them. Neither side was happy about fighting next to the other, but they both wanted revenge against the drow bad enough to stand it long enough to destroy them.

The siege of the drow fortress was very short. The dwarven siege engines reduced the wooden walls to kindling. Once inside the dwarves were relentless. They killed every drow they could, and then burned the city to the ground. The battle lasted for less than a day, and by the end of it the dwarves desire for revenge was sated, and they headed home.

When he returned, Argun didn’t know what to do. His forge was gone, and so many of those he had know in life were gone too. He tried to settle down and rebuild with the others, but he just wasn’t happy. He had lost to much of his home and he knew in his heart he was never getting it back. Every time he tried to settle down, he longed for the thrill of battle and the uncertainty of knowing if he would live or die at any second. Finally he decided that he would leave the fortress and head out into the world. It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was the one he knew he had to make. He said his goodbyes and headed out into the world to find what adventure he could.

For awhile he traveled alone, making his living as best he could until he stumbled upon a group of his kinsmen who dwelt in high, snow-capped mountains and were locked in a deadly war against the regions mountain orks. Having nothing better to do, Argun pledged his axe to their cause and joined them in many battles against the blue menace. So it came that he was locked in battle upon a crumbling sea-side glacier. There was a ear-splitting noise and the ice below began to quake falling away from his feet. Argun tumbled through the air and remembers nothing for some time.

When he awoke he found that he shared a small ice chunk with an blue faced ork. Argun scrambled, luckily he still gripped his axe. But as he shifted his weight he noticed that the ice tilted frighteningly to the side. It is common knowledge that dwarves cannot swim, and Argun dressed in full armor would surely sink like a stone. So he waited. When the ork stirred, shaking the pain from his head, Argun pleaded with him not to move or they would both drown. The ork, having some sense, chose not to attack and instead counterbalanced the dwarf.

So they drifted. Enemies bound by ice. Until they were happened upon by a dragon ship crewed by Norsemen. Their leader was Sigurd and he chose to take the strange people aboard and put them at the oar. Argun was paid out from the spoils of the riads and was content despite being at sea. Together with two other ships who joined with them in Sigurd's homeland he went to a strange land Sigurd called the Rusland. Visund, Sigurd's friend and kinsman was with them. One night, while ashore, the party was ambushed by a large levy of humans. It was a terrifying battle which only left Argun, Gϋv, Sigurd, and Visund alive. They burned the ship as a funeral pyre for their dead brothers and set off on foot.

After several more months of wandering, Argun finally came across a small kingdom known as Tir Asleen. There he found a small human population living in a land mostly dominated by monsters. Argun could see that these people needed help, and so he stopped for awhile, to offer his skills to help fight the hordes of monsters that were plaguing the land. However, after some time he began to come to like Tir Asleen, and for the first time since leaving his mountain he felt at home.

Events Attended:

Oktoberfest 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Eriador Halloween 2012, 2013, 2014

WPO 2013, 2014

Spring Wars 2013, 2015

Melcaorme XI(2013), XII(2014), Q(2015)

Armageddon 2013, 2014

June Eriador 2013

Bear Brawl 2013, 2015

Prelude 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017

Hyboria Realm Opener 2015

Monster Mash 2015, 2017

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