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When screams travel the land, know the HoRdE is coming. When Death flies as a sparrow on the wind, know the HoRdE is coming. When the night speaks to you of slaughter, know the HoRdE is coming.

Your Father's blood upon the walls, Know the HoRdE is there. Your children's screams upon your ears, Know the HoRdE is there. As the last agonizing breath leaves your chest, Know the HoRdE is there.

A barren land, devoid of life, Know the HoRdE was there. Corpses litter the ground, picked by crows, Know the HoRdE was there. Burning terror all about, Know the HoRdE was there.

This is the warning passed on from mother to daughter and father to son. It speaks of the creatures come from the darkness, come from the depths. So that when evil sweeps the land you know when to run.

these are the signs of warning for which you must be ever vigilante. The monsters are very real and very hungry.

When evil stalks the land and you here skittering claws, When disease strikes without warning and corpse appear without cause. Skaven roam your nights.

when you hear your children mauled and see the monster's paw, when merchants disappear and you hear a howl when nights are clear. The Gnolls are near.

when you feel the ground quake and your walls shake. when trees fall down and no one is around the Mountain Trolls are here.

when you hear them run under night pale glow. you cannot see them though, for their speeds to be feared. know the Hat Trolls flee from sun.

when you hear the chant's sound and monster gods are called down. know the hobgoblynz grow

when traps are laid that none can evade and you hear order hiss at night. know goblins are near.

With only salt and ash on the ground, and not single shiny object to be found. Kobolds have been around.

when you find the altars of gore and see want shall be spoken of no more know the ogres have come

when great battle have been fought yet the goodly races survived not,look for tracks laid as a bear upon two legs. know the bugbears call for then you will surely fall.

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