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Pandemonium - 1. a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.

             2. the abode of all the demons.


Pandemonium is a newly formed arm of the Salamandastron army. Created by Ctywik La'Fog and Vayu, this mercenary band currently is employed by Vek to help train the new fighters of the realm; however, any job with risk and pay can make Cytwik lend his ear for at least a moment.

Current Members

Cytwik La'Fog - Herald
Vayu - Enlightened

Ranking System

There are 5 ranks in Pandemonium. These are (from lowest to highest):

The Bloodied: Those who are attempting to join Pandemonium. Lasts between 2 weeks to 2 months.
The Dead: Fighters who have proven themselves to Pandemonium.
The Reborn: Those who past 3 trials dictated by Enlightened or Heralds
The Enlightened: Those who lead a Pandemonium cell.
Heralds: The Highest ranking Pandemonium member in the realm.


What makes a demon? Is it the fear they instill, a lack of morals, or is it the gruesome scenes they leave behind? The members of Pandemonium know what true demons are.
Humans are the true demons of the world.

The goal of Pandemonium is to instill their namesake into their enemies. Although small in number, they make up for this weakness by splitting their small number even further. Pandemonium usually consists of 3 man cells that work together and apart to create havoc in the battlefield. Pandemonium gained its name from what happens to the battlefield when Pandemonium decides to fight.

The survivors of the original group members had no idea who the unnamed combatants were. They only knew them as Pandemonium.

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