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Full name: Cytwik La'Fog
Realm: Salamandastron
Position: Merc for Hire
, Founder and Herald of Pandemonium Preference: Bow and flourentine axes.

Cytwik La'Fog is currently working for Vek of Salamandastron out of a mix of intrigue and pay. Since it's founding, Cytwik has been one of the core members of the realm, however who knows how long any job will last.

Recently, after a battle under Salamandastron, Cytwik La'Fog and Vayu were seperated from the main Salamandastron force, along with a few other new fighters. They were chased into a forest, outnumbered 5 to one. After three days, only Cytwik and Vayu returned from the forest. Their fellow members of Salamandastron noticed a change had happened, as though they were no longer human. Cytwik began to create a new mercenary group for the first time in years, and Vayu was his second. The mix of people who have come under their banner have been called demon-men of chaos. And so the unit Pandemonium began.

“A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.”

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