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Hosted By: Ered Duath
Head Coordinator: Jerlaine & King Andrek
When: Usually around the middle to end of August
Where: South Fork Park, Provo, UT.
Fees: Free event but you will have to buy food and drink if you are interested or don't bring your own.
Duration: 1 day event (For now)

Event Explanation

Anually, Ered Duath hosts Demon Wars. Currently a one day even for any and all fighters who wish to add a light roleplay to their gaming experience. You can find the roleplay on the Belegarth boards under the Roleplay section. Will be usually held in August.

Weapons check will be officially held between 10am-12pm. After that you will need to find a herald who will do it. It is planned to have light/minimum role play with quests available if you choose or desire to them. Likewise it's an awesome chance to come down or up for a full Saturday of fighting. We will be selling snacks, food, and drinks throughout the day in case someone decides they are hungry. This is a Belegarth event and all weapon garb and armor checks will be held strictly to BoW standards.

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