Witch's Courtyard

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Loosely inspired by the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's like the place where creatures have been turned to stone by the Witch.

Fighters: Minimum of 5, (2 guards, 2 statues and 1 hero) works best with about 10-15.
Regen: None.
Teams: 2, Guards vs Hero and statues.
Rules: 1/3 of the players are guards and 1 player is the hero. Each side starts on opposite ends of the field. Everyone else spreads out and poses as a statue in the middle of the field. Statues may not move until the hero touches them and calls out "1, 2, 3, alive" or something similar. To make up for this the statues don't take any damage until they are alive, (but can be killed less than a second after being freed.)
The game is over when either the guards are all dead or the hero and all the statues he has freed are dead.
Optional: If the guards are having a hard time let them have their pick of weapons and give the statues only a single blue each. If the hero is having a hard time allow statues to free other statues.

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