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Note: This group has disbanded


Nampa, ID

Established: March 2010

Membership: 7

Typical # at Practices: 5-15


"A skilled commander seeks victory from the situation and does not demand it of his subordinates. ."-- Sun Tzu

  • Head Smith Guil
  • Marshall John Wheldon
  • General Negotiator Ketos
  • Warlord (?)
  • Strategist (?)


"Every battle, every war - is fought for things worth dying for."-- Arthur M. Jolly

We meet at Liberty Park in Nampa, Idaho. It is behind Saint Alphonsus Hospital and the Nampa Rec Center. We meet during Sundays afternoons at 1pm to 4pm. Meetings don't take place during Winter.

Rank System

Main Article: Wildlands Rank System

The New System of Order as created by Guil and Ketos.


After some downtime we are resuming as of March 2011. The foamsmiths are currently hard at work making us a whole new arsenal to supply us in our future battles.


  • Contact: under construction
  • Visit our Facebook.
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