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After the collapse of the nations, time out of mind, the land was plunged in the chaos, no one was safe, neighbor attacked neighbor, bandits roved the lands. A kind of order was eventually returned with the rise of the warlords. The warlords would clam an area, for short or long periods of time, demanding high taxes and tribute. The people gladly accepted this, as life under a warlord, while tough, and unfair, was much more stable than without.

Warlords would maintain their control by "employing" gangs of thugs. These gangs would often clash over disputes over land and superiority, and Warlords would conduct raids on neighboring Warlords.

However, the rise of Strathclyde changed everything. Strathclyde was not simply a city state or another petty lord-dome, but a hope to a forgotten people. It threatened the self built "empires" of the constantly squabbling and fighting warlords. Warlords were overthrown, Strathclyde grew everyday. In the blink of an eye the "stability" of the world was shattered, the world changed.

Before the tide was turned to the point of no return, many of the Warlords joined together in an uneasy alliance... The Cartel. The agreement is simply to focuses all their battle activities on Strathclyde rather than each-other, until Strathclyde is destroyed.

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