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In the deep north a group of Warriors have risen. This band has taken up sword and shield in an effort to build their strength. And thus was born the Warband in the North.


Ranks & Requirements


One of those granted the authority to make choices that effect the House itself, and preside over practices of the house.


A fully accepted member of the house.


A fighter of the local realm who has expressed formal interest in becoming a member of the Warband.


A fighter close with a number of the current members of the house, and as such are welcome as the House's private practices.
Friends of the North who opt to join are not required to go through a petitioner stage.

Honorary Titles

Member entrusted with the responsibility for the House Banner at events of the local Realm (Order of the Eternal Flag), away realms, and the like.
Keeper of the Lore of the House
Keeper of the Heraldry of the House.


Things Subject to Change Here

Leaders of the North

Kitsu Foxdottir 
Co-founder & Herald of the Warband, Scribe of the Order of the Eternal Flame
Vago Spakeson 
Co-founder and Skald of the Warband, Treasurer of the Order of the Eternal Flame

Warriors of the North

Follower of Loki, Flag-bearer of the Warband

Petitioners of the North

He who must decide what his name shall be

Friends of the North

Member of House Dregoth, Bearer of the Blade 'Rabbit's Foot'
Tulio Alinar 
Member of the Dragoons, Governor of the Order of the Eternal Flame


All ceremonies subject to change in both name an execution


The act of accepting a Petitioning Warrior formally. Features the presentation of that Warrior's belt flag.


The act of accepting a Petitioning Warrior as a Full Warrior. Features the presentation of the Warrior's Warband Tunic bearing the Warband Emblem merged with their own charge. Frequently combined with the "Arming" ceremony for a Personal coat-of-arms belt flag


The act of presenting either a new weapon, or a personal coat-of-arms belt flag to a Warrior. Preformed at House Practices only.


Arms of Rank & Priveledge

Unit Arms 
On a quartered black and gray field, a white snowflake. The Tabbard is to be lined in the Warriors personal emblem color.
Skald/Herald Arms 
On a quartered black and silver field, a gold snowflake. The Tabbard shall be lined in gold.
Flagbearer's Arms 
On a quartered black and grey field, a silver snowflake. The Tabbard shall be lined in silver.

Personal Devices

Fissi : On a pale blue field, a pale green horse courant
Kitsu : On a black field bordered in white, a goldenrod fox rampant
Rabbit : On a grey field, a blue rabbit passant
Rasp : On a light blue field, a dark blue lynx's mask
Vago : On a white field border in black, a burgundy raven soaring


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