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Wasad, the son of Crogma the Wise was a still born infant. Crogma was the high shaman for the Tribe of the Red Tooth, a cannibalistic tribe of mountain Orcs. It was the Red Tooth's tribal belief that any orc not yet old enough to say the Battle Prayer of Grummish, was not yet considered part of the tribe and therefore considered only meat and bone. Crogma, believing his wife to have delivered a dead fetus, tossed the immobile form of Wasad into the wolf pen. Many weeks later Crogma's wife, Tridg went to check which of the wolves had survived the mongoose test. This is a ritual with every new litter of wolves, where a mongoose is let into the pen while the mother sleeps. Those pups that survive the mongoose attack are fit to train. Tridg noticed an infant orc weaning on the mother wolf. With horror she screamed and grabbed up the child, getting a nasty bite from the wolf mother. She raised the child before her eyes wondering if this was her own still born infant from before. Wasad rolled and kicked in her hands, then spasmd, fell limp, and seemed dead again to the world. Crogma came upon her. He had a puzzled look, that then turned to anger. He smacked her and lectured her about her womanly weakness toward the still born. He grabbed the still born by the neck and went to toss it into the pen once again. As he went to release the infant, it bit deep into his hand. Crogma recoiled with anger with his other hand raising the infant above his head preparing to toss it alive or dead into the pen. By this time a few of Crogma's other sons and some tribesmen had come to watch the argument. As the infant was flailing above his head, Crogma heard his long dead grandfather's voice saying the Battle Prayer of Gruumsh. He froze. Wasad, hanging by his neck from his father's outstretched arm, completed the Battle Prayer of Gruumsh, and fell limp once again. The spirit talker was born. Wasad is said to have spoken "as" and "with" Orcs from over a thousand tribes. Thus his name "1000 spirits" or Wasad Qa.

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