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Fairview, TN

The Vulpes Venatus Logo.
  • A Realm Since: May 9th, 2015
  • Practice Location: Fairview, Tennessee @ Bowie Park. (Behind the Playground on the left as soon as you enter.)
  • Practice Schedule: Every Saturday, 12 Noon - Near Sundown.
  • Web Presence: Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Official Website.
  • Average Attendance: 9-14 (9 Weekly attending, 5 bi-weekly attending)


Kuzunoha, a Yōkai Kitsune, was a powerful and influential Warrior/Commander for numerous battles and wars fought in the Southern realms in many years past, her life having taken a change when she fell pregnant with her one and only child. She gave life to a Son, who was born with the immediate ability to shape shift between Human form and Fox form, an ability that typically was not discovered until their peoples moved into their latter teenage years.

Upon the birth of her Son, she came to realize that the Warriors who followed her shared the same interest that she did, to settle down and put their war-torn, bloodied days behind them and live out the rest of their lives in peace and solitude from the rest of the world. They spent countless months roaming through the vast forests south of where they had predominantly frequented, filled with the desire to find a secluded area to take root.

Eventually they happened upon a rather large natural clearing with many nearby creeks and lakes and began to build their Village, Zao Mura. The Village was fully constructed in a very short few months, driven by the unwavering need for comfort and stability from the Warriors and Workers who had been stomping ground for countless years, ready to just relax and live the “calm life”.

Kuzunoha was immediately designated as the Leader of the Village, given her natural talents in Commanding. Due to the physical prowess of their citizens, in no time the Village had set up crucial trade routes with the nearby Kingdoms and Villages, providing weaponry and heavily sought after raw materials to those in need in return for Food. Right away they had also begun construction of the “Fighting School” where their young were immediately inserted into classes in numerous styles of Close Quarter Combat.

The Village went on for a decade and a half with no problems, their “Fighting School” growing larger and larger, beginning to take in the Children of other nearby settlements both old and new, training them all in rudimentary self-defense and melee combat. However focus on the Training School was dwindled as news of Orcs and Trolls beginning to roam through nearby lands to the East made its circulations through the Villages, trade routes beginning to slow to a halt and requiring the Teachers from the School to act as armed Guards for the transportation crews going to other Villages.

It got to the point where the Village, due to its “Militaristic Prowess”, had begun to work Trade Routes FOR the other Villages, not only bringing back their own spoils from Trade, but then also transporting goods between the other Villages as well, effectively rendering their “Fighting School” defunct and assigning a majority of her Warriors as Transportation Guards. Despite rumors growing and growing, no actual ATTACKS upon the trade caravans had happened yet, only growing fear for what could happen due to increasing “sightings” until one mid-day , a large undetected horde of Orc Warriors happened by the Village, sweeping through it like a terrible storm of Axes and crude Clubs made out of bone, decimating Zao Mura in a matter of hours.

Bloodied, mangled bodies, burnt buildings and scorched earth was all that was left of the once proud Village. Only a few survived, most stricken with such grief and mental impact that their minds were lost forever. One survivor, Mitzunare, the son of Kuzunoha who had been away with his friends during the attack, made his way to Dur-Demarion and was adopted into the ranks of a Unit called “Vorshen”.

Mitzunare wrapped his life around Vorshen, trying his best to put any memory of Zao Mura out of his mind, drowning himself in the politics and Battles that Vorshen participated in, however as time went on his fellow Unit mates could sense an anger and sadness lurking beneath his happy and cheery personality, they launched a trip for him to go and visit the lands of his old Village, to give him the closure he had never obtained after that faithful day.

With the support of his entire Unit behind him, he stepped foot on the grounds of his old home in what felt like a lifetime for him, gazing upon the rubble and of what was left of Zao Mura, he fell to his knees and ultimately into ball of despair. In time Mitzunare, with the help of Vorshen, cleared out the rubble on the land and organized a humongous Field and part-time settlement as a center-point for all nearby Villages to send their aspiring Warriors for Mitzunare to train them to defend their own Villages from any attacks from foreign invaders.

He has said that this is the least he can do, in hopes that the nearly forgotten memory of his great home will live on forever.

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