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Valley Lake Campground, sometimes reffered to as Bob's Place, has been host to multiple Foam fighting events over the years. Ragnarok 8 was held at Bob's place, and since then Misty Isle campouts, Fey's group has held campouts their. Starting in 2002 The Household of Rausumea started to hold campouts their on a monthly basis for about a year and a half. Located in Southington Ohio Valley Lake has ample shade and plenty of facilities including, pavilions, showers, lakes for swimming, boating, and fishing, 2 large fields to fight on, a stage, and acres uppon acres of forests, to make it one of the best sites to . Site owner, manager, and local police officer, Bob has run the site for years and often will visit with attendies, and we have over the years given the site the nick name of "Bob's place".


Valley Lake Campground 3959 State Route 305 Southington, Ohio 44470



We have a huge area where we can camp. Sparatic tree's suply shade and pretection from the elements. Fire rings and picnic tables are available in plenty all throughout the park. If your willing to pay their is a fee of 18$ per night for an electric hookup and dumping for RV's. Their is electricity and electric lighting at all of the 4 pavilions throughout the campgrounds as well as in the game room of the large red barn.

Stage accross from pavilion #4
Our camping area is the entire inner circle near pavillion #4. Camping is reserved for anywhere east of pavillion as well as a cove camping area inside the woods. Their is a Stage accross from Pavlion #4 that is used for speacial events.


Panoramic of the main battlefield

right\Pavilion #2
right\Pavilion #4

At Valley Lake you have 2 choices of battlefields. The main battlefield downside from the pavilion 4 is long and has some shade, with about 5 acres of space for combat. It has a road, The closest option for battle, it has a tendancy to hold some water after a rain storm. Which leaves field option #2, located between Pavilions 2 and 3 and overlooking the main lake is a secondary battlefield about 3 acre is size. With better drainage this field is a smaller alternate to the main battlefield, and with 2 pavilions it is a better place to house gear and participants in bad weather conditions.


Valley bath.jpg
3 major bathroom area's exsist in the park. And port-o-castles are available to be placed if additional resources are needed. The bathrooms are not all lighted in the evening so bring a flashlight with you. There are facilities for 4 people off Pavillion #4 and the main battlefield.


Showers and a coin opperated washer and dryer are available at the shower house west of the red barn and Pavillion #1 near the entrance to the park.



You can rent Boats from the campsite if your into boating. The Campsite also sells several camping supplies including ice (1$ a bag). The lake has sandy beaches and plenty of shade from long rows of willow tree's on it's shores. Giant slides are available as well as several marked off booies to let you know where it is safe to swim. Grills, benches and a playground is also available in the park free to use.

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