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  • Utezni, The Far Wanderer: God of the earth, wisdom, justice, chief of chieftains, maker of wizards, and the patron of wanderers.

Utezni first learned to use elemental magic when he was very young while exploring the wilderness alone. He could communicate with animals and plants, even with the wind, rivers, and earth via his connection to his siblings. After his sibling's deaths, he became sole leader of his people. He fathered 3 children, but his last was the one who took after him most. He grew more introverted in his old age. He is said to have become one with the earth, finally leaving his mortal body. Others, like the ogres of the Karanduawn tribe, believe he returned to Utiek, the sacred grove where Uganggi and Uchronos' souls were bound by Utezni where he still lives (in some form or other) to this day. He is responsible for the creation of 3 different relics, 2 of which are lost. Sacrifices to Utezni are hung from trees. The ogres of Blood Valley have a strong association to Utezni, but also the blessings of Una and Uganggi. They must be especially blessed as they have been able to stay in the area for quite some time. Though there have been floods and wind storms, no true calamities have occurred.

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