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Uneasy Alliances is a gametype aimed at providing for fast, dynamic games. It's designed for elements of Intra-team competition, but still revolves around a typical two force structure overlaid a multi-flag capture plan. It was play-tested at Thaw Brawl in 2014 and Yestare of that same year. Both were run with terrain but any field that is sufficiently open should work as well.

Each Team (typically a unit or realm) must provide a "Banner," see below. These Teams are then grouped into two approximately equal Forces. These Forces should be balanced by swapping Teams game to game.

The goal is to acquire points and scoring can be performed in three ways

  • 1. Take the banner of any other Team
  • 2. Take neutral banners
  • 3. Winning the battle for their Force

Intra-team Counterplay comes directly by

  • Capturing Neutral banners before allies or enemies
  • Capturing the banner of allies or enemies

Once a Team has lost their banner, they may still play by

  • Defeating any other team and "Vandalizing"* a team's banner (Vandalizing refers to removing the banner from play not damaging the banner, also see additional notes)
  • Eliminating the other Force, before allied Teams capture more banners

Additional notes

  • Should a banner become Vandalized by a Team without a a banner, the Team might survive and regain control afterwards. Then a member of that Team could pick it up again. This "Un-Vandalizes" the banner since it has been returned to play by it's owning team and was not ever captured.
  • Previously captured neutral and Team banners are not transferred upon banner capture. Only the newly defeated banner is captured.
  • Even an eliminated and captured team could still gain points, if their allies won the battle.

The banner should be

  • A heraldic flag, probably minimum of about two feet by three feet.

--Decorated in unit colors and symbols, this a size that can be easily seen if added to spear, polearm, or back banner, though a completely separate bannerpole is an option as well. This is to signify the current banner holder, for targeting. If the banner is not easily removed, carried without much encumbrance, or if a unit doesn't wish to part with their colors, then adding a second part is needed. A clear badge, scarf, or other identifier that can be untied, de-velcroed, or otherwise separated from the heraldic banner. This is allows for a weaponized banner to be re-used in post capture combat.

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