Ultimate Combat Frisbee

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Goal: To score more goals than your opponents

Special Equipment: One frisbee, modified for safety. Cones (or other markings for field boundary)

Rules: Each team should have an even number of players. Players may wield only one single-handed weapon. The frisbee begins in one team's possession. If the frisbee goes out of bounds, touches the ground, or its bearer is killed, possession is given to the other team. On a change of possession, the player that starts with the frisbee has 10 seconds of immunity. Players may move backwards or to the side, relative to the end-zone they are attempting to score on, but may not move towards it. A goal is scored when a player possesses the frisbee inside their opponent's end zone. Dead players must leave the field of play to either side, and respawn after 10 seconds at midfield.

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