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The United States of America, abbreviated USA or US, is the birth country of Belegarth. While Belegarth realms can be found elsewhere, the US hosts the strongest Belegarth presence of any nation in the world.

The pre-gunpowder period of the Americas practically extends up to contact of the native peoples with conquerors and settlers of European descent. For the area that the continental US currently occupies, natives were contacted throughout the 1700s and 1800s, mostly by the Spaniards at first but later by more northern European descendants during the expansion of the United States from the East Coast towards the west. After contact, native Americans acquired gunpowder and gunpowder devices through trade and battle. There are many distinct native cultures from that era to draw inspiration from for the purposes of garb and roleplay. Though native culture has been suppressed and erased through the decades, many different tribes still exist in the US and their culture persists through their people.


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