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Tulkas, Galin's Dog

Tulkas is a 150 pound American Mastiff belonging to Galin. He is brindle color and really a good looking purebred dog, he was bred from Onyx's mastiffs. His name comes from Lord of the Rings. Tulkas is a big baby, he loves to be hugged and petted. He doesn't realize he's a huge dog, he thinks he's only as big as his own head. Tulkas' favorite thing to do is get drool on everybody, it's how he shows you he loves you. He's a good dog, he never steals or does anything bad on purpose, although sometimes his sheer size causes small mishaps - like the time his collar punched a hole in the wall. Tulkas also loves to drink water, eat ice and snow, and get sprayed with the hose. He might drink himself to death if allowed to get to an open body of water. Tulkas' love of water does not mesh well with his walnut-sized bladder.

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