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What Thurisaz is

Thurisaz is a unit out of Dur-Demarion. It is amongst the oldest units in Dur-Demarion.

The primary mission of Thurisaz is to promote the realm of Dur-Demarion, and uplift the sport in the area.

Membership of Thurisaz is open to any and all. One may come and go as they please. There are no requirements for entry, nor penalties for leaving. One may join and leave as much as one desires. Members of Thurisaz are known as Dreng. All of the Dreng together are the Drengr. Not all Dreng are fighters. Thurisaz has been compared to a village, it includes crafters, entertainers and other such members.

The Philosophy of Thurisaz

What the Drengr of Thurisaz Means: (as written by Thornistein Ironhammer Theodoricssons, founder) No one is your superior. No one is your inferior.

Honor is of the utmost.

Fight for what you think is honorable.

All Dreng are equal and should be treated with the respect of the greatest or lowest deed of all. Membership of the Drengr is free and open. Once you are a Dreng you are never not a Dreng unless you so choose. You may come and go as you will, and may call upon the Drengr as it may call upon you.


All suggestions in battle are just that. Heed them if you will. There will be no hard feelings. [It's only a game.]

To all Dreng who leave the Drengr to seek their own destiny, consider yourself part of the region you are in and free of all Dreng ties. You are a free spirit always welcome and always within call of honor.



Thurisaz is lead by the Comitati.

The current Comitati is Oaken

Formally Phoenix Firestorm was Comitati of Thurisaz until aprox. 2017 and Vander was comitati until 2022.


The Jomsvikings are the fighting arm of Thurisaz. They are the protectors of the "village" of Thurisaz. All members of the Jomsvikings have earned 10 enech (honor rings) and gained acceptance to the ranks. Jomsvikings members are forbidden from joining any other fighting units. Not all Dreng of Thurisaz are Jomsvikings, but all Jomsvikings are Dreng.

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