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Bring my soul close with you to the house of Osiris,
So that it may hear as you hear,
So that it may see as you see,
So that it may stand as you stand,
So that it may sit as you sit.


History of the Medjai

The Medjai are an ancient order of sworn swords who defend sacred places, temples and treasures across the land. They were formed by their current defacto leader High Priest Toast because he wanted to form a unit made of new players and people returning to the game to build A&S skills, friendship and sword fighting technique. In addition the Temple of the Medjai seeks to train skilled craftsmen and foamsmiths in order to build treasures and other fun swag to giveaway and donate at various events they attend.

Who Can Join?

Literally anyone if you seem like a nice person and are down with our organizations goals. Nominally based out of Oregon/Tir na Nog.

Goals of the Medjai

The Medjai are based on the following principles:

-Training new players
-Pushing all members to develop their A&S and other skills
-Increased knowledge of Foamsmithing
-Having all members support all other members in their endeavors

The overarching goal is to build a group where someone can always get you a deal on what you need, whether it be a tunic, a sword or training.

Titles, Colors and Initiations

Since we're pretty low key we're going to avoid a strict barrel policy for now, this could change. Titles are TBD and to be based on future input but will probably be pretty non-serious. The colors of the unit are Blue, Gold and Tan, you know, Egypt shizz.


Since this unit is new nothing is 100% set in stone, but the goal will be to award Amtgard style orders upon members of the unit who the other members feel have accomplished something notable or cool.
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