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The Galin Project is ran and funded by a shadow corporation (Onyx) for the sole purpose of creating foam fighting super soldiers. The Project was started to replace Granifar, one of the best fighters from Ohio in the EBF. The Project exhausted countless dollars in research as to figure out what made Granifar so damn good. Well, as it turns out, it was almost all dumb luck. But, after compiling all the data, they found that they could engineer a fighter to replace Granifar but they would need a subject to augment with Granifar's DNA.

Galin after being augmented.

A young Avalonian named Galin was chosen. A natural lefty and slightly taller than Granifar, Galin would made an excellent candidate. The Project injected enough of Granifar's DNA into Galin and a metamorphasis took place. Galin became a terror on the field. The Project was pleased and gave Galin the codename G1. The original in the G line of development is Granifar or G-Zero.

After the success they had with G1 The Project wanted to produce several G-model units. They opted to clone Galin in an attempt to rapidly increase the number of soldiers in The Projects ranks. The first clone was Argoth. A few things went awry with this model. Argoth came out shorter than Galin but was still left-handed and quite an amazing warrior as well. They opted to still keep the clone and designated him G2. After G2's completion, he was shipped to the Illinois facility to complete his training. This step was crucial. Galin had already been fighting and was familiar with warfare before becoming part of the Project. G2 nedded to be taught in the ways of war and they did not want to draw too much attention to The Project until the time was right.

More clones were made from Galin, but disaster struck. To be more precise Bran was created. A mutation occured in the cloning process. Bran came out short, furry, and completely insane. The Project was going to abort their little monster but a few were convinced that Bran had his uses. Whenever someone needs to be bullied, whenever someone needs to be berated, whenever a "your momma" joke just shouldn't be said but has to be done, Bran is there. Unable to control him Bran, or M Zero, was shipped off to the secret desert facility, or "Iraq" as the public calls it, so he could be kept until he was needed.

Again attempting to manufacture a clone resulted in failure. Another mutation, Nolze, was produced. M1, as he came to be called was somewhat similar to M Zero; he was short but right-handed. M1, however, was quite docile in comparison to M Zero; Nolze was manageable. He was also suicidial fast and he swung with such a fury he often would injure innocent bystanders and himself. It was decided he needed a mentor, someone who understood his weird and mutated ways. Bran, retrieved from the desert took Nolze under his wing. A side note: the clones are often seen together and it is quite creepy.

With the mutations causing so many problems, The Project decided to try another way to produce a warrior. Enter the Winfang. Winfang was a fighter from Avalon that showed the appropriate size requirements, i.e., he was tall. Alas he was a right-handed fighter. We all know they are inferior, but hey, you work with what you got. Anyway, Winfang, they decided, would be trained to become the next generation of fighting machine. He was made to fight G1 over and over. Finally after many years of battling Galin, he became quite the adversary. In fact, he got so good at fighting G1, The Project kept him as a contingency in case G1 ever went berserk. The problem with Winfang was it took years to develop him into T Zero or Trainee Zero. The Project couldn't waste years and years making good fighters. Onyx..I mean The Project, wanted them now.

G3 during initial training

Also many others were taking note at the abundance of "talent" in Avalon. Enemies were at the gates and seeking to destroy all that The Project worked so hard to build. G1 was shipped to the Illinois facility for security reasons. The Project needed a fresh start and an ensured means to create superhuman fighters. They attempted to play God. Taking a strand of Galin's DNA and tweaking it, ensurng it had strength and endurance they decided to model their perfect killing machine. Adding bits and pieces of the other warriors they developed a human. Given G1's structural success, they decided it should be tall but, not too tall as to give it G1's health problems such as bad knees. Next they decided M1's speed was an appropriate trait, as was G2's amazing mobility, finally M Zero's ferocity on the field of battle was added. As another side note: M Zero had a little bit of tolerance to alcohol added. Finally they had their model. It was to be placed into a simple cell and allowed to multiply. What came out of this experiment was a fearsome warrior..They named it G3 also named "Spazilla". The first successfully made super soldier was then frozen and had its DNA extracted so that other Spaz's could be allowed to grow. Harvesting this warrior lead to the ability to manufacture, train, and complete multiple warriors at once. The final success in the G line of soldiers. G3 or "Spazilla" is the last clone made of The Galin Project. Multiple Spaz units are deployed to the battle field each is numbered by adding another z to the name. Spazz, Spazzz, Spazzzzzzz, are all different clones in the countless clone armies of The Galin Project. The G3 model will phase out everyone and eventually all that will remain are endless fields of Spaz's being produced to enter into the fray.

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