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"The past is the torch that lights our way, where our fathers have shown us the path, we shall follow. Our faith is the weapon most feared by our enemies, for there by shall we lift our people up against those who would destroy us. Our name is called the Dead Rabbits, to remind all of our suffering and as a call to those who still suffer to join our ranks" Vallon

The Dead Rabbits are a unit from the Dun'Vallahir realm, in Irish Dead Rabbits means, very tough and very feared men. Our tribe is currently 10 men strong but our numbers are growing each day.


Dead Pelt- before you become a member your a Dead Pelt, there's no test to get in, just a little bit of hazing for a few days. This stage can be skipped if we like you enough-or if we know your a good fighter. but you must own a shirt of the time dye with red stripes.

Ráibéad- After your a dead pelt you become a full member, a raibead. This gives you voting and challenge privelages against the five points.

The Five Points- The Best five fighters of the raibeads are elected by the war cheif. They have control on the battle field over the other raibeads, and have the job of training Dead Pelts. Raibeads may challange one of the five points to gain his status.

War Cheif- Leader of the dead rabbits. He takes on the responsiblities of strategising, scheduling practices and events, taking care of waivers, recruiting, and other tribe affars. One of the five points may challange the war cheif for his status.

Members also choose there playstyles, this isnt a rank but makes giveing commands on battle field easier.

Roach Guard- the frontlinesman of the dead rabbits, usally with a blue and a large shield, red weapons, or spears.

Black Bird- the fast flankers of the dead rabbits, also the ranged attackers, usually with bows, javelins, blues, and small shields.

More coming soon about our members, practice location and dates, are symbol, and pictues of the tribe.

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