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Founded in 2019, The Aviary hail from the realm of Dun Abhon. This unit focuses less on rank and trials, and more on achievement of the group. They still have one leader, the Augur, but the Augur will always consult the unit before making any decisions for the unit. The freedom of each individual is very important in The Aviary with few responsibilities being put upon each member but still all coming together as unit and family in the end. To symbolize this units freedom and easy-going nature, each member takes the name of a bird or winged creature.

==Unit Members==
Aviary two.PNG
  • Augur, Korosivax, The Mockingbird
  • Bunger Stonelung, The Hamerkop
  • Erevan, The Winged Elephant
  • Alexander, The Snipe
  • Dirge, The Albatross
  • Suvo, The Owl
  • Cameron, The Crane
  • Kilrog, The Griffin
  • Yacovi, The Crow
  • Markus, The Bald Eagle
  • Nikolai, The Phoenix
  • Trevjour, The Vulture
  • Warren, The Thunderbird
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