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Sir Tethian, quaternary knight of the High Code
Sir Oroku and Squire Tethian
A young half elf

Full Name: Sir Tethian Al LusSida
Squired: Sir Oroku Norinaga
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon
Former Unit: DGMA
-Alpha Bear with House Mountain Mercenaries
-Hunter (Sign of the Bull) of The Great Hunt
-Former unit Field Commander of the Oak Guard and House Oak Guard.
Realms: Stygia
Fighting Since: 2005
Squired: Fall 2015

  • Knighted: Thaw Brawl 2019

Race: Half-Elf
Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Flail and Board, Florentine, Spear, Min Red
Real Name: David J. Preston
Married to: Mouring
Member Nationally Certified Marshals


Historical Lineage: King Arion The Rightful King of Middle Earth >Sir Beowulf The Dreamer AKA Sir Geoffrey of the Hillside >Sir Kalador Gamalon AKA White Tiger >Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan >Sir Cedric Winterbourne
Knights of the Watch: Lineage: Sir Turin Adlerik >Sir Bowen >Sir Andrek >Sir Phira >Sir Oroku The Errant

Belted Family

  • Sir Turin Adlerik (b.1996-Ered Duath)
    • Sir Juggernaut (b. 2018-Grey Haven)
      • Squire 3 Bears (Grey Haven)
      • Squire Freyja (Saracor)
    • Sir Bowen (b.2000-Ered Duath)
      • Sir Andrek (b.2004-Ered Duath)
        • Squire Pope(Ered Duath)
        • Sir Phira (b.2013-Mountain Mercenaries, Retired)
          • Sir Oroku Norinaga (b.2015-Stygia
            • Sir Tethian Al Lusida (b.2019-Stygia)
      • Sir William MacGregor (b.2002-Ered Duath)
        • Sir Sasquatch (b.2006-I Anga Emyn)
    • Sir Elkar (aka Koldar)(b. 1997-Erad Duath)

Events Attended

Chaos Wars XV
Chaos Wars XVI
Chaos Wars XVII
Chaos Wars XVIII
Chaos Wars XIX
Chaos Wars XX
Zootown Throwdown I
Thaw Brawl 2012
Thaw Brawl 2016
Yestare 12
War of the Gate 2014
War of the Gate 2015
War of the Gate 2016
Teutoburg Wald 2015
Tuetoburg Wald 2016
Battle for the Ring VIII
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2016
War of the Forbidding XII

"no matter what he may claim, he's a dirty Khee-Blar Sahn-Tah lover!" -Thumbs

"lies and slander!" -Tethian

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