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Full Name: Sir Tandaar Drazhar

Unit: Vorshen

Religion: Follower of the flames of Hhazhi, Hunter of The Great Hunt

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Fighting Since: 2014

Race: Son of a Fire Vorshen and Earth Drapra

Fighting Preference: Glaive

Garb and Leather workers: The Tan and Tail [1]


The Oasis of Hhazhi, in the Realm of Earth, was a tropical land, ripe with water, trees, animals, and Vorshen. Leader of the Double Fang Clan in the heart of the Oasis, Lady Drazhar ruled her people as the leaders always had, with strength, dedication, and endearance. Her people were agile hunters and honored people of the Oases. Few took up the powers of spell casting. The Double Fang prided itself on skills of blades and clubs, fangs and claws.

Passersby often saw the Vorshen in the Oasis, but few stopped. When they did, it was to trade or barter for food in passing. One group of explorers were lead by a Drapra, a male dragon-kin, with strong words of leadership and dedication to his people. They stayed with the Vorshen for a time, trading stories of their worlds, and technologies from their home realms. When Lady Drazhar found herself heavy with child, the Drapra became angry. He took his explorers and disappeared into the night before the child was born.

Lady Drazhar gave birth to a healthy son, and raised him under the Double Fang banners. Determined never to be shamed by a man, she gave him her name, and he was Tandaar Drazhar.

He resembled his father, and grew to be a tall Drapra, but retained his mother’s fiery element. His scales were red and flecked with the Vorshen hairs. His fins grew blue behind tall feline ears, and his scaled tail ended in a tuft of blue fur. The Double Fang Clan raised the red child as one of their own, teaching him the art of hand-to-hand combat, swords and spears, until he found his connection to a single weapon. The long handled, bladed glaive. He excelled at breaking shields and stabbing opponents in tournaments and training yards alike. When he became of age, he set out to explore the other oases and learn more of the world around him. He found tribes of Vorshen and Drapra, but neither welcomed him amongsh them, as he looked like a Drapra, but acted like a Vorshen. He had never felt unwelcome in his life. Cast out, Tandaar set out to find someone like himself.

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He crossed the Realm of Earth to an oasis filled with what looked like humans. It was very dark, and he could see small, fleshy figures traipsing around the clearing. Before he realized it, several fighters grabbed him and knocked him unconscious. When he woke, he was in the middle of the oasis, surrounded by men in heavy shackles. He had been stripped of his armor and glaive, and a heavy metal ring was locked around his throat. He made to attack a woman who looked like the leader, and received a painful bolt of magic from the collar throughout his whole body. Whatever he tried to do was limited by this magical chain around him.

He was not sure how long he was forced to entertain the humans with pit fighting. They sold his glaive to a band of travelers from a nearby town. For a time, he remained a slave to these humans, fighting in arenas with fists, fangs, and claws. The matriarch shouted her approval as he fought male creatures of all kinds, encircled by humans with clubs and daggers. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an airship nestled in the trees, and the humans had not seen it yet. He made a dramatic leap from the crowd. The humans quickly chased after him, but they were not used to hunting in the jungle oases as he was. He crept his way across vines and bushes, through trees and across a river to the airship. When he finally collapsed on the decks, he was astonished to see a female Gururian. She was alone, but heavily armed. She held up a sword and a ball of magic. Unarmed and still limited by the metal on his throat, Tandaar explained to her what had happened and how he had come to be there. But she seemed uninterested, distracted by something over his head.

She remarked on his ears, that he was not a Drapra. He told her about his mother and father, about being raised Vorshen. The Gururian lowered her sword and let her magic spell dissipate. She told him she was also part Vorshen, and let him rise. She explained to him that she knew he must be good, because only those of honor and good intentions could set food on her ship. She used her magic to remove the bonds around his throat and introduced herself as Arshank, daughter to a white tiger Vorshen and a Gururian, and blessed by a dark Elf before birth. He swore to protect her for as long as they traveled together, if she would help him retrieve his glaive and let him stay on board her ship.

Despite their vast differences, they had found their common ground. Beyond looks, beyond upbringing, and even beyond culture, they both had foundations as Vorshen. For many years they traveled together, exploring the worlds and the peoples on the airship. When Arshank named her ship, she raised a flag of a blue Wolf and a red Dragon, their noses touching in union. From then on, they sailed under the colors of the Vorshen.

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