Stygian Three Bridge Relic Battle

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Stygian Three Bridge Relic Battle

Number of Players: 4-100

Setup: Create three bridges separated by “Lava” and surrounded by “A drop of unimaginable depth” (Edge of the world) At each end of the center bridge place an alter (Shield). On one shield place a “relic”, (A weapon, the worse the better). Two teams are required and one team is the relic holders, on the side with the relic, and the other team the adventurers, on the non-relic side.

Objective: The objective is for the adventurers to obtain the relic and return it to their alter. For the relic holders their job is to retain their relic.

Play: Each team member has a limited number of lives, between three and six. The respawn point is their own alter and a count of five. The round is over when the relic is retained by the relic holders during the battle or the relic is placed on the adventurers alter. The goal is to obtain, or retain, the relic and hold it twice. The game is over when that objective is meet.

Rules: The relic is so powerful the relic holders are unable to touch it when in their possession on the alter, only an adventurer may remove the relic. Once the relic is removed from its alter any player may handle the relic. When picking up the relic players must drop their current equipment and may only use the relic in its intended manner.

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