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"And there came a day when their forces could not stand alone. So friend and brother gathered, and stood with honor, facing the oncoming storm"


The Stygian Alliance, a loose brotherhood of fighters, is made up of the Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance, The Templars, and the local Witch Doctor, Yaga Malarque Shal'a'quey Kei'uptik. They are gathered for the express purpose of fighting at Chaos Wars XV.

-It is noted that the Stygian Alliance is not a traditional unit, as much as a Confederacy of various powers in the realm. The units will retain autonomy, self governance, and the ability to withdraw from the alliance at any time of their choosing (though warning is required before hand)

-The Stygian Alliance is gathered for the express purpose of Chaos Wars XV but may continue at later dates at the choice of participating members

-Other powers may not be added to the Alliance without majority approval of current powers


The Chaos War was coming, and the Mercenaries were still unhired. They were to unknown. It was time to fix that. Reaching out to their allies the Templars, and the crazy troll who lived in the woods nearby, a force was assembled for one purpose. to fight.

a lot

Yaga Malark

His shrine located very close to DGMA HQ, Malark naturally had a great deal of contact with this unit of experienced veterans and fine up-and-coming fighters. After lengthy debate and discussion, a mutual understanding was reached regarding survival in the coming Chaos War. Directed by Ares, Malark joined his brother and sister trolls (Turkeyfeathers and Sethra respectively) as comrades in arms. After all, every respectable fighting force needs a good Witch Doctor and riotbreaker.

Units Involved: DGMA, The Templars (under Zuloo), and Malark

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