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Stormhold was originally started as Crimson Fields in Dothan, AL in the early 90s. It was originally part of the Southern Marches, but when the sport split between Belegarth and Dagorhir, it went back and forth between the two sports. They currently consider themselves part of Belegarth.

Most of its members hail from Dothan, AL and the surrounding area, though we do have members that have travelled to different states and then come back to their home field.

Stormhold received its name from the unfortunate amount of adverse weather we experience in a year. Practices are well know to continue through rainshowers and cold (for the deep south) temperatures.

Practices take place at Westgate Park in Dothan, AL on Sundays starting at 1pm and going until the participants are tired.

We annually hold the Rum Wars day event around April.

If you need to contact anyone please check out our facebook or instagram and send us a message. We also have a discord for our Realm members.

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