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Now, the Storm of Edinburgh is an attempt at an historical group; we are Scotish but our exact time period is still up in the air {still after 2 years} so any historians who would like to come out and assist are more than welcome. We go to battle clad in kilts of varying styles from various clans

We are always looking for new recruits for the Storm but welcome all comers to watch, talk, and even try out some of the weapons. All are welcome: men, women, boys, girls, young, old it matters not! We hold practice at Goodyear Park {by the Clough Bld.} on Tuesday's from 6-8 PM weather permitting.

As not everything is about battle, those who do not wish to fight are still encouraged to come out. There are many things to do besides fight; for instance our group is still looking for a tailor.

go to for all our info. Be warned that the site is still being built. Thank you.

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