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The symbol of Sovin Nai is a broken sword above mountains



Sovin Nai is a small unit originating from Tir Asleen. The name Sovin Nai is a reference to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, in which Sovin Nai is an Aiel warrior society known for its proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. In the Wheel of Time, Sovin Nai means 'Knife Hands' in the old tongue.


Sovin Nai first and foremost is built around a love of fighting and the journey to improve one's combat proficiency. As such, all members of Sovin Nai are people who constantly strive to improve at fighting. Sovin Nai's members work together to prop up one another's fighting skills through things like video analysis, extra sparring sessions, working together on foamsmithing, etc. In field battles, Sovin Nai's members often fight together, using aggressive movement and small team tactics to puncture holes in opponents' formations.


While Sovin Nai values combat proficiency, one's current fighting skills are not a major factor in joining. Rather, the main requirement to join Sovin Nai is a strong drive to improve at foam fighting.


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