Snowball IV

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Organized by: Chiron with assistance from various others
When: November 13, 2010
Location: Woodland Recreation Center, Duluth, MN
Cost: $5.00


About Snowball

Snowball is an annual event held in Duluth, MN.

It is usually held in early November, and freezing rain or snow is often expected. The event runs partially outdoors in a forest and/or baseball diamond, and partially indoors in the Woodland Recreation Center facility.

Scenario Battles

Snow Ball Fight: Rocks are blue, no other weapons.

Fall of Osgiliath: A battle of attrition with obstacles, and llimited crossing points on a river. Attackers out-numbered 2:1. Attackers respawn, defenders do not. Objective: Kill all defenders left in the city.

Last Stand of the Thunder Guard: One out numbered unit must fight their way free of surrounding forces and make it to a safe-zone (Canada). Points for each fighter who can break out and get home safe.

Coloring Contest: Respawn. Set amount of time. Several Teams (probably 4 or 5, depending on numbers) compete for control of a capture point. At the point there are crayons and one coloring page for each team. Try to hold the point while one of your fighters colors. The art will be posted at feast for all to admire.


-Single Blue
-Two Weapon/Sword and Board
-Snow Ball
-Three Headed Giant
-Thunder Guard style Grappling (Which resulted in very badly bent clubs)


Snowball also includes a feast (Stew and cake this year) and a silent auction where participants donate items to be sold. Proceeds go toward covering the costs incurred in the event.

At Snowball IV, event tokens (Belt flags) were provided to all participants.

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