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Another word for trouble or mischief. Also, to cheat or a situation where someone or something is being cheated in a joking manner.

In other words: A chaotic cornucopia of cantankerous capers called down upon the unwitting and/or drunk.


  • 'There are a lot of Shenanigans going on in D.A. camp.'
  • 'All the girls are getting easy questions in this game and all the guys are getting impossible questions. I am calling Shenanigans.'
  • 'Shrat is way better than us. Our lifes must be Shenanigans made by some sort of God like thing for Shrat's sole benefit to make him feel better about being short.'
  • 'That place with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks.' '

See Also: Banner burglary, antiquing, zip-ties, and glitter.

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