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Location: Provo, Utah
Year Founded: 2023


In the beginning...

...a majestic slope pierced the clouds above. On its side was emblazoned a question to the world, one set in white stone: the singular letter "Y." In the shadow of that mountain, Amon Uilos, a unit gathered and trained throughout the dark and wintery months: The Knights of the Y. They espoused three virtues: Honor, Love, and Pure Purpose of Heart. These virtues guided their conduct both on and off the battlefield. But as spring began to poke through the snow and the sun shone more brightly, the unit's members had to take their leave, promising to return to their study of the sword and knowledge in the autumn. But for now, they dispersed, carrying their virtues in their hearts to the four corners of the earth.

Leaf Laurus remained behind. Having passed on the mantle of President of the Knights of the Y to Millard, LEaf and his friend DallinR sought to form a sister unit to the Knights of the Y, one that espoused the same values yet would able to accommodate the greater intensity of fighting and recognition as a Belegarth-official unit. Through prayer, study, and effort, they founded the Seekers of Amon Uilos.

The Values of the Seekers

The Seekers hold to three values, exemplified by Jesus Christ, which shape and guide their conduct in battle and life.
Each value holds two subsets of principles.


We value things as they really are, not simply as we perceive them to be. This means we are:

  • Honest in what we do and do not know. We seek to provide an honest assessment of the facts of a situation and the personal stories and biases influencing our perspective. We seek to communicate clearly, call our own shots accurately, and follow through in doing what we say we'll do.
  • Integral seekers of a greater understanding of ourselves, each other, our battlefields, and our enemy. We value growth and learning over imminent victory in a single battle.


We value our relationships with people and God. This means we are:

  • Present when interacting with others. We seek to connect with and understand people where they're at and as they are. We recognize that we are constantly shifting, changing, and developing, and we journey with one another through the highs and the lows.
  • Examples of our values. We seek to connect our values to our daily actions and conduct, and to be conduits of light to those around us, connecting them to a higher, holier power and to those with more experience and wisdom than our own. We show others a better way by how we treat them, not merely by what we say.


We value each individual's God-given gifts of life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness. This means we are:

  • Respectful of other's stewardship. We recognize and honor individual boundaries, personal property, and the fact that we are free to do as we will insofar as we respect realm rules and each other. We encourage, uplift, and help each other grow through our words and actions. Mutual respect connects us as fighters and, more deeply, as friends.
  • Responsible for our individual stewardship. Our property, emotions, thoughts, decisions, actions, and conduct are our own, not another's responsibility. It is our personal imperative to educate our desires, skills, and growth.

As Seekers, we pursue an understanding of skill in battle and value in life.

Structure of the Seekers

The Seekers of Amon Uilos are divided into three ranks: Seekers, Guides, and Stewards.


Everyone begins as--and remains--a Seeker of Amon Uilos no matter their rank, responsibilities, or skill. A Seeker is one who exemplifies the first Value of truth: they are honest and integral both on and off the battlefield. They have shown themselves to be trustworthy and willing to learn.


A Guide is one who exemplifies the first two Values: Truth and Connection. They are not only honest but also present and connected to those around them and a vision of each individual's potential. They are quick to aid where aid is needed, they are patient with the learning process (whether that be in fighting, sewing, baking, crafting, etc.), and examples of what they believe.


A Steward is one who exemplifies all three Values: Truth, Connection, and Stewardship. They are not only honest and present, but thoroughly responsible for their own actions and respectful of others. They can be counted on to own up to mistakes, treat others with compassion and honor, and make the most of whatever they have to work with, whether that be minimal resources on a battlefield or a plethora of challenges to overcome.

Membership Amongst the Seekers

Whether you're a fighter or a non-com, you are welcome among our ranks. The requisites have more to do with one's willingness than battlefield prowess. If you:

  • want to be a Seeker
  • agree with and are willing to adhere to the values and principles we espouse
  • and want to form lasting bonds

You have begun the path of a Seeker.



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