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Realm: Morva

Other Affiliations: Army of Morva, Galahad

Weapons of Choice:

-Sword and Board

Fighting Since: September 5th, 2015

About: Squire to Sir Talion
Former Retainer to Sir Uargvak Hellhammer, the King of Belegarth
The fastest (and also slowest) person in Morva
Proportionally better at jumping than Himmel
Favorite Phrase: "Fight is Life" - Saph September 2016

Events Attended: Morva Opener 2015, Oktoberfest 2015, War 2015, Ruhn Closer 2015, Take Your Hitsmas 2016, Wolfpack 2016, Numenor Closer 2016, Spring Wars 2016, Armageddon 2016, Morva Maelstrom 2016, Morva Opener 2016, Oktoberfest 2016, War 2016.

Saph of Army of Morva
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