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A unit of Tir na nOg
A small portion of Samsara


While others rely on brute strength static maneuvers, the pirates of Samsara realize the power of subtlety, stealth, and independent motion. They specialize in catching opponents unawares, darting in from unexpected angles, and diverting the attention masses of enemies. They also excel at providing windows of opportunity their fellow fighters can use to their advantage, and capitalizing on distractions. Due to their emphasis on speed and the opportunities presented by outreaching their foes, Samsaran's are lightly armored infantry who most often wield spears, javelins, and thrusting swords. Their tactics are risky, as an overly courageous Samsaran can quickly find themselves surrounded. When successful, however, their skirmishes wreak havoc on opposing forces. And then we give them cookies so that they will be our friends too.


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