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Sir Lotek is the Leader of the S'Nai

"Wisdom is ours to seek."

The S’Nai goals:

ø Help spread knowledge of all we know of the game to all those who desire it

ø Strive to grow Belegarth, the Realm of Dur-Demarion and the Realm of CrannMeigeall

ø Continue the tradition of fun and good sportsman ship within the game of Belegarth

ø Serve as an example of leadership and service to Belegarth and the Realm of Dur-Demarion

ø Set personal challenges for individuals to better their experience within the game.

This “school” is designed to nurture the growth of members of Belegarth in the art of combat and artisan skills, as well as guide and support personal goals and endeavors. Anyone wearing a S'Nai sash is approachable to ask of their skills and learn of their skills to help expand the game to those who know it and help teach those who do not.

Fighting members of the S’Nai are encouraged to become proficient in all areas of combat and weapons styles, but are also encouraged to learn non-fighting aspects. Non-fighters are encouraged to learn a variety of artisan skills, but are also encouraged to learn some basic combat skills.

The S’Nai members are of both fantasy and historical basis. An individual’s gender, race, religious beliefs, personal history, or personal acquaintances have no bearing on a member’s standing within The S’Nai.

The HeadMaster of the S’Nai and its Instructors stand as guides for the members, with each member having a voice.

Those wishing to become a part of The S’Nai should speak to an existing member or express their desire to join.

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