Realm of the Seven Cities

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Norfolk, Virginia


Realm Members: ~12

Average Practice Attendance: 10

Realm Officers:

  • Jas the Boar - King
  • Jack LeJeune - Lord Marshal


The Realm of the Seven Cities was founded in the Spring of 2011 by its current Monarch, King Jas, and Lord Marshal, Jack LeJeune. Both had a background in martial arts and the military, and a desire to hit people with large sticks legally, and found a disappointing lack of means to fulfill this interest in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Therefore, the realm was founded, drawn primarily from regulars at the King's tobacco shop, leading to the practice common among Seven Cities fighters of leaning insouciantly against their weapon while smoking a cigar.


Membership as of June 2011 is approximately 12, with practices being held at 6:00 pm in Lafayette park near downtown Norfolk.

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