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The Standard for the Household of Rausumea is Two short swords crossed with a large two-handed sword laid across the two, surrounded by six roses. The traditional colors of the standard are Black on Red. Each symbol on the standard has a meaning behind it.

The Swords represent the three lands that make up Rausumea; the two short swords represent our fields and woods, Yorkshire and Greywood. While the two-handed sword represents the village of Rausumea.

The six roses represent the six tournaments we have at our campouts. The first rose, upper right, represents Dagger fighting, then clockwise around the standard; short sword, sword and board, Honor combat, great axe, and grappling. If a fighter is victorious in a tournament he or she may change the color of the corresponding rose to gold on their household sash. There also is a challenge called Endurance. The victor of Endurance may change the colors of his swords on his sash to gold.


A sash where the wearer has won the Dagger Tournament Dagger tournament winner. At campouts there is generally two tournaments. If the tournament is held at night it is out of the camp by torchlight.

For all the tournaments there are two heralds presiding over the fighters. Sign up generally starts an hour before a tournament begins. Sign up ends at the end of the first round of combat, of the tournament. If you are not present when your name is called, a friend may fight in your place if you have a good reason for leaving the tournament they go into the fight knowing that they can not win the tournament. They can also only fill in for you for the first round.

In every round you are pitted against an opponent in the best of 3 match. If they loose 2 fights then they go into a conciliation bracket for loosing the round. Since there is no official second place you are allowed to loose one round and remain in the tournament. Once you have lost your second round you are disqualified from that tournament for the evening.


Sash of a Fighter that has finished an Endurance Endurance completed To enter into an Endurance match you must have seen an Endurance and petition to a person who has already succeeded in an Endurance match. You can never come to a campout and immediately attempt an Endurance you must wait at least one month before attempting. We recommend you get a physical during this time period. Your petitioner will go to the chief of the camp and inform them of your wish to take the challenge. If there is question of your ability to take the challenge physically we might require a letter from your doctor before you enter the circle.

The Endurance lasts exactly 1 Hour, that is 60 minutes or 3600 seconds. During this time you are not allowed any breaks unless you receive a "head shot". If you receive a "head shot" you are allowed a one-minute break while the clock is stopped. During the Endurance the Fighter will be pitted up against no less than 10 opponents. Each opponent gets a permanent number. There are two main Heralds, one keeps time, one calls numbers to send out against the fighter. The Herald that calls out numbers as new opponents as they die. The Fighter wills never run into a situation were there is nobody to fight. The fighter will also run into several situations that all the opponents will be attacking the fighter. The Fighter must take his or her hits. This means kneeling when they receive a leg shot and putting an arm behind their back when they loose and arm. When the fighter dies they must immediately strike there own back with their weapon and call out their name. By doing this they are resurrected. They may not do this to heal limbs while in combat. If a fighter wins their Endurance they are Hissah'ed back to camp for rest and relaxation from completing their test for the night.

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