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Rausumean Calendar

see also :http://www.rausumea.com/modules.php?name=Calendar << Rausumean Schedule of events
The Rausumean Calendar was formed in the first years of camping. Each month and likewise each campout has a name.

Named after a cornicopia of celebration that Yg is finnaly over we all gather for the first time to get together for some squishy combat!

The ledgends of this drinking fest are ledgendary accross many plains of exsistance. This Month gains it's name from a simply horrid equation, To much drink and not enough people.

Originaly named "Darktower" Hailorb was renamed after the Rausumean Guard's motto "Hail lord Balzak".

  • June - Been

Named after magical beans that grow in the lands of Rausumea that bring fighters into beserker rages!

  • July - Keep

In the First year of Rausumea the Keep was completed in this Month, the month reminds us of the glory of that feat.

  • August - Gy

Named after the Force of Creation in the Rausumean Pantheon of Dieties.

In remembrance of our lost brother Skyn (Nathaniel Adkins) one of the founding Rausumeans.

  • October - February - Yg

Named after the Force of Distruction in the Rausumean Pantheon of Dieties.

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