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Flag of Qahira

Montgomery, Alabama

Qahira's name is Arabic for victory, it is also the root word and origin of the name of Cairo, as in Egypt. Qahira is a coalition of several styles and themes including but not limited to Arabian, Aztec, Gaelic, and Japanese. They are united under the banner of independence from The Southern Marches which rules the nearby duchies of Ravenfeast, Val'Thayris, and Dendraket. The group emerged from the campus of Auburn University of Montgomery.


The flag of Qahira is three vertical bars, blue for law, red for war, and green for diplomacy with one white Polish-style eagle superimposed over all three bars.


The governing body is a Council of Three elected by popular vote. Each of the three have different powers. The Justice interprets the Book of War on low-level realm issues. He or she clarifies where interpretations vary. He or she should also remain a neutral arbiter between quarreling Qahira members. The Ambassador represents the realm, communicates abroad and appoints the second representative should the realm reach speaking or voting status. Finally, the Warlord is the chief warrior and general on the field. He or she is in charge of weapons storage, production, and Qahira-issued sword standardization.

Qahira is open to new membership. Prospects can contact the provided email or phone number and find out the location of the weekly meetings. Community swords are available and each new recruit will be issued a standardized 2 foot, one handed sword upon payment of $5 dues. If you want a shield or a specialized or custom sword you have to make it yourself. If you don't know how to foamsmith Qahira also has two foamsmith masters to help you learn.

Founded: 2009

Total Members: 10

Average Weekly Attendance: 5


Realm Officers

  • Zhulfiqar - Ambassador/Representative
  • Vercingetorix - Warlord
  • Perfidius - Justice

Realm Citizens

  • Odeya
  • Sir William
  • Rat
  • Kenshin Matsumara

(and others)

Practice Times Sundays at 4:00 sharp except during Ramadan, in which practices begin at sunset. Most of the time they're held at Fort Thyssloch, but occasionally held at the Qahira National Palace.

Contact Information email -
phone - 334-207-1309

Qahira endorses Liquid Nails and Ozark Trail for weapons construction.

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