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Realm Information

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Realm Name: Port Dragonmaw
Location: Tulsa, OK
Founded In Belegarth:May 13, 2021

Founded by Chongo as an outpost of the Republic of Ravenwood in 2009, it fell into chaos as it quickly became a hotbed for Mordorian cultists. With the arrival of Drode it was successfully reformed into a proper Freeport. The role of Governor and then Mayor, when Ravenwood eventually fell, changed hands many times before finally returning to Angus, the Tyrant King of Burger, and his council of vagrant hedge wizards.


Saturdays, at 12pm, at Whiteside Park (4009 S Pittsburg Ave, Tulsa, OK 74135).


  • The Hedge Wizards
  • The Mind Dwellers
  • The Free Lances: The First Free Company of Apokrypha

Contact Information

Realm Contact: Angus the Beefy
Contact Email: portdragonmawbelegarth@gmail.com

Social Medial

Facebook: Port Dragonmaw Facebook Page

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