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A penny blunt is a penny and duct tape construction on the end of a de-tipped arrow shaft in order to create a blunt end. This blunt end prevents the arrow shaft from pushing through the foam head on impact. It is a critical component to making a safe arrow, and is explicitly required in the Book of War. Without a penny blunt, the shaft of the arrow would quickly cut through the foam on the head, making the arrow very dangerous.



From the Book of War

  • All arrows must contain a perpendicular penny secured at the end of the shaft.


  1. Tear a long strip of duct tape in half the long way. Carefully wrap it around the shaft of the arrow at the very tip, gradually building up a cylinder of duct tape at the end of the arrow until it is at least the diameter of a penny, or slightly larger.
  2. Stick a penny on the end.
  3. Take two short, narrow strips of duct tape and place them crosswise over the penny, and affix them to the penny blunt. This will ensure that the penny can't become dislodged over time.

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