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OROD OST-in-Mallyn The Southern Lands of Gwynedd 408 Wills Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Total members: est. 30

Typical at practice: 10-20

Units represented:

   * Clan Cu Sith
   * House of Two Ravens
   * House Haldane 

Realm reps:

   * B.A.M. Realm Leader bambelegarth@gmail.com
   * Lord Talon Realm Webmaster talon@kingdomofgwynedd.com

Practices: Twice Weekly

  • Sunday: Fighting begins at 1:00 PM at Blackburn Park on Ashford Dunwoody (3400 Donaldson Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30319) near the baseball/soccer fields. Garb recommended. Only weekends off are due to weather and major events. Generally take December off as well. (map)
  • Wednesday: (Suspended until Spring) Fighting begins at 7:15 PM at Wills Park in Alpharetta. Garb is not required. This is more skills creation and practice than all out battle. Only generally off for weather (check Cu Sith Practice forums). Occurs only during Spring, Summer, and early Autumn. Stop generally early-mid September due to lack of light. (map)


  • Cu Sith Forums
  • Atlanta Foam Combat Mailing List: atlantafoamcombat at live dot com (send it an email to join it)
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